A taste of the big time

To be honest, I don’t remember much from the 20-minute set I played at Warehouse Live last Friday for the Mom 2.o Summit  as an opener for Chris Mann.  Only after seeing the photos did I realize that Daniel and I were playing under colored lights.  The set went by so fast.  I felt comfortable up there, though a couple of friends told me that my foot was shaking at the beginning when I lifted it up at some point.  Maybe I was a little nervous at the time, but I always have crumby balance.  Even when I played soccer in college I would fall down a lot and my team would get so many free kicks, not because someone slide tackled me, but because I couldn’t stay on my feet.


Nervous?  Nah. (photo by Mark C. Austin)

Nervous? Nah. (photo by Mark C. Austin)



It felt good up there on a big stage under the lights, a sea of moms standing in front of me, some of them listening, some of them talking, and one of them shouting my name.  I don’t care how many kids you have lady, thank you for making me the object of your desire.  While I haven’t “made it,” moments like this make me feel like I am getting somewhere.  One day you’re sitting in your room alone, writing a song on the edge of your bed, and a couple years later you’re on a stage and somebody’s mom is shouting your name.  It’s a dream come true, but with a maternal twist.

After my set, I got the chance to work the crowd, passing out a couple hundred CD’s while chatting it up.  One of the moms said something like…

“My friend said you were hot, and I said yeah but he’s professionally hot.  You’ve been around I’m sure.” 

I blame the Hurricanes.  Moms just don’t say things like that, do they?  Before I could argue the subject of promiscuity, the Burger King burgers showed up, a whole table of them, and that’s when the celebration began…


I am the Burger King.  (photo by Mark C. Austin)

I am the Burger King, I can do anything. (photo by Mark C. Austin)

Again, I blame the Hurricanes.

To all the moms, organizers, and attendees of the Mom 2.0 Summit, thank you, it was nice to share a burger and hurricane or two over some live music brought to you by Chris Mann, Andrea Chase, and yours truly.  And to that one mom out there, wherever you are, maybe one day I will shout your name too.  I doubt it, though.




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2 responses to “A taste of the big time

  1. Sbyrne

    You were fantastic! I cant wait to see you play at Warehouse Live again someday (because I know it will happen soon). Until then I will just have to stalk you at some of your shows around Htown (Coffee Groundz and Angelo’s :))!!!

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