House Concert!! 4-25-09

I am one of the fortunate few to perform at the well-reputed Lucy Nell Andrews House Concert Series.  Folk acts such as Shake Russell and Dana Cooper have performed here in the past, and I’m honored to have received the invitation to play here. The show begins at 8pm. I will play two sets, with an intermission for drinks and snacks.  I’ll also be sharing some stories behind the songs and it’ll be a place where you can ask me questions too.  When I saw Dana Cooper play, I had to know, “What kind of harmonicas do you use?”  Now I now.  Hohner Special 20’s.
 There is no web site for this venue. For ticket information and directions ($12 in advance, $15 Day of Show), contact Lucy Nell Andrews at  (713) 465-9677.  
Hope to see you there.  I’ve been eager to play this show for months.
photo by Javits Rajendran:

photo by Javits Rajendran:


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