Home Away From Home: Live From SugarHill

The Most Comfortable Couch in the World

The Most Comfortable Couch in the World

When you walk into SugarHill Studios, it’s like stepping into history.  It’s a very unassuming, worn building on the outside.  You walk in, and there are plaques and photos everywhere of all the musicians who have come in and passed the time recording their songs, and yet it doesn’t feel like a business, it feels like a home, a home with parents proud of their children.  This is an amazing feeling for any musician.  As a songwriter, much of my time is spent writing at home with the door closed, so I miss out on plenty of events or hanging out with friends, and for the most part, I’m fine with that.  It’s part of writing music.

Studio A Control Room, Chris Longwood at the healm

Studio A Control Room, Chris Longwood at the helm

The thing is, when it comes time to record and I get to do this at a place like SugarHill, there’s all this time I get to spend with this music family that cares about the songs I’m writing as much as I do.  We’re happy to see each other and we work together to create an album of carefully crafted recordings.  I didn’t expect this kind of relationship before I recorded there, and I think that’s because of how much overproduced music there is on the radio these days, music created in high profile studios that sounds like no one really cares about it.  It’s a relief to know that SugarHill’s got soul; that they care about me and the songs I’m singing.  That kind of support shines through in the recordings, and for any musician out there not feeling that with their own recordings, I suggest you find a new studio.  

One big, happy family

One big, happy family

When I got invited to perform this month on Live From SugarHill Episode 6 hosted by Dan Workman and Rosa Guerrero, produced by Gina Miller, engineered by Chris Longwood and filmed by Zen Film, I thought, wow, now we’re sharing this process we love with everyone: with my friends and my family, with fans and with total strangers!  This is about as real as it gets, and yes, we normally do have this much fun.

Tune into Live From SugarHill Episode 6 here:

Live From SugarHill

Also in this episode, make sure you check out The Freddy Steady 5, an incredibly talented 60’s garage rock band fronted by Freddy Krc and co-starring Dangerous Dana, the go-go dancer!  I went to their show at The Continental Club that night after the taping (couldn’t get enough) and had a great time.  Freddy is a really great guy, just happy to be playing music, and I’m glad I got to meet him. 

*****Don’t forget to vote for Runaway Sun as “Best Blues Group” in this year’s Houston Press Awards (question #23, you don’t have to fill out the rest of it if you don’t have time):


Shows — July 25th – Warehouse Live — I’m opening for Back Door Slam

                  July 26th – Houston Press Music Awards — Runaway Sun at the Flying Saucer, 6pm


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