Valentine’s Day – the song, the story

It was my senior year in college and I was in love.  Or was I?  

I had it all planned out.  A typical poor college student in snowy Cleveland, OH with a knack for cooking.  Valentine’s Day?  Too easy.  We would have dinner at my house, in my bedroom.  You see, the lamp I owned had two settings: bright, and dim.  Some soft music, some wine, a card table, a few roses from the grocery store, the lamp set to dim, and you have yourself a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

 Dinner in my bedroom, lights down low

The city is freezing, asleep in the snow

But we’ve got each other, and a bottle of wine

And all of the answers to all of the signs

That was four years ago, and it still holds the title for my favorite Valentine’s Day of all time.  It was so good that I wrote a song about it a year after it happened on Valentine’s Day.  I released that song today for free on 

It captures that time in my life.  In love, second semester of senior year, knowing that I would be moving to Texas after graduation and that my girlfriend wouldn’t be.  We both knew it wasn’t going to work out, or did we?  Could we have made it work?  Did we care to?  No, we didn’t.  We were more scared of trying to force something than to force it.  We were scared that we would miss out on personal growth.  We didn’t want to be tied down.  But we still held on for as long as we could.  I know a lot of people do this, and I don’t know why, but since we do it, why not write a song about it?  Why not write about it period?

What do you think that we should do

’bout this little thing called me and you?

Pack up the car and head out west

’cause I know better

But you know best

I guess, I guess, I guess…

I’ve had quiet dinners with other women since then, some more memorable than others.  I think this one sticks out for me so much because it really marked the beginning of the end of that relationship.  And the end didn’t feel good at all.  The thing I like though is that I can remember days like Valentine’s Day 2006 and feel good about them.  I feel very lucky to have music as an outlet, and I hope this song makes you feel good.  I hope you love it. And to that ex-girlfriend out there, I know I left out the part about your red lingerie in the song.  That was too personal to share.



A life of decisions, so much to find.


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