“Stranger” sells 100,000 in March

I was hoping this would happen, but I never expected it to happen the first time out. 

The Man

Thank you to the 100,000 people, mostly in the UK and Japan, who bought “Stranger” in March.  I just can’t believe it- one day you sit down and write a song, a few months later you record it and have it mastered, then a few months after that you release it on iTunes and market the everloving _ _ _ _ out of it, you check your email and a statement for $70,000  is staring you right in the face?  God bless the internet.

$70,000 will allow me to finish the solo LP, the band’s LP http://www.runawaysun.com, book and properly market a tour, and buy a nice van for us to use.  What am I saying, we can hire a manager to book the tour!  We can fly to shows!

I’m going to need some help with booking in Japan and the UK, mostly with Japan.  Please comment with any serious insights on how we should go about doing this and where we should consider playing.

To find Stranger on iTunes: http://www.andrewkarnavas.com/


Thanks everyone, I’ll see you around! 


photo by Javits Rajendran, taken at House of Blues Houston : http://www.javitsphotography.com



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2 responses to ““Stranger” sells 100,000 in March

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  2. F yeah. Lets do this. Now the tour can have the appropriate amount of coke and hookers.

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