Mom 2.0 Conference, Performance at Warehouse Live

This Friday, February 20th  I will play my first show at Warehouse Live.   Daniel de Luna, lead guitarist of our band Runaway Sun, will accompany me.  Almost a year ago to the day, we both showed up for Avant Garden’s open mic night.  The open mic got canceled that night due to rain, and  I was sitting in a chair strumming away when Daniel showed up with a $100 nylon string guitar, sat down in the chair next to me, and jumped in on one of my songs.  A week later we played our first show together on the patio at Inversion, a local coffee shop.  Our audience that sunny afternoon: five people with laptops.
Photo by Paul Galland

Photo by Paul Galland

There are some differences between the Inversion show and this week’s show at Warehouse Live-day vs. night, an outdoor patio vs. an indoor stage, five people vs. three hundred people, no sound man vs. a sound man-but we are still playing for people who love their laptops.  Having bought my first laptop in January, I now understand the love affair and perhaps this understanding will help me connect with the laptop-loving audience in a way that I couldn’t a year ago.  They hardly looked up from their screens a year ago. 

A small number of tickets are still available online for Friday’s show:

Hope to see you there, but please, leave your laptops at home.  I know I might.


Photo by Paul Galland

Photo by Paul Galland


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